Very outstanding scary pic prank

Sylwester Wardega, the prankster behind SA Wardega in Poland idea of playing a clever and amusing trick on people for striking worry and enjoyable. He camouflaged a small black canine who is excellent at playing spiders causing terror , wearing it with a fake tarantula fur and wiring spider legs on its back.

Then, he developed a semblance of incapacitated human body parts having actually been knotted in the monstrous spider webs on some pole supports stealthily set up for the function. Now, the prankster permitted the dog-spider to hunt down preys .

Though the dog-spider worked terrifying away people to horror , Wardega was a little worried about its security, as he feared some might harm it.

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More info: | Facebook (SA Wardega) | Facebook (Chica the DogSpider) | Youtube (h/t: lostateminor)