Very Lovely Braids Hairstyle

Melbourne resident mother Shelley Gifford does incredible intertwining for her school going child Grace, every morning , and posts the images on social networks. From her early years she always liked braiding and when she discovered about the intertwining societies on social networks, she developed her own Facebook and Instagram accounts. She also went to numerous workshops and tutorials for updating her skills of hair styling and has actually constantly been challenging herself for bypassing her previous creations .
Every morning , when the family is together, Grace gets special hairdo. Scroll down the page to enjoy the amazing examples.So start looking for hairstyles with plaits you always needed.

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Growing up I always loved braiding, I would take any chance I could get to braid family and friends hair

And that’s when I’ve started braiding my daughter Grace’s hair

I braid Grace’s hair most days and take the photo of the style in the morning before Grace leaves for school

I only have approx 15-20 minutes on a school morning so if it can’t be done in this time I leave it for weekend

Grace is fantastic, I’ve been styling her hair since she was a toddler so she doesn’t know any different

It’s her quiet time for TV after she is ready for school so she is more than happy to sit there

I love doing something that I’m so passionate about and that Grace gets to be a part of it

She’s sweet, affectionate and beautiful little girl. Grace is everyone’s friend

Grace’s hair is certainly noticed by a lot of people at school, dance and her other activities

Everyone’s feedback to Grace’s hair is fantastic

We’ve had people approach us in streets saying I know that girl, based solely on her having an unusual braid

I love learning new styles, advancing my skills and challenging myself to create something new and unique

I find it easy to braid and post photos of my styles daily. When you love doing something, it is easy!

Thinking of new styles is time consuming, but that’s because I always want them to be unique

Sometimes braiding seems more like art than an everyday hairstyle

Our lives are so busy with school and after school activities
That’s why I love mornings where we are all together as a family

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