Very incredible easy panda to draw

Preserving a connection is difficult although you know that you are constantly with your cherished one. It becomes actually tough to preserve relationship when a couple needs to stay countless miles apart for some reasons .

Being far away from her young boy friend for the last 3 years Viola Wang has actually started drawing sketches to express her sensations about the long far-off relationship . This page highlights a series of sketches that illustrates how she constantly hugs to her kid friend in spite of being physically apart. Scroll down the page to see these lovable sketches.

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Contantly missing your loved one

Birthdays and holidays are especially hard

Poor internet connection drives you insane on the regular

But you know it’s worth it, because talking to them makes your day
Sometimes, random things trigger up memories of them that make you smile (or cry…)
Flying out to see each other is not always easy

But when you manage to put together a plan, it’s the most exciting thing in the world!

Counting down the days becomes your favourite activity and gives you a daily jolt of happiness

The day you get to go to the airport is the best day ever!

When you finally see that specially someone, no words can describe your joy!

Having been apart makes you appreciate every moment you have together

Everything is so comfortable that sometimes it feels like you were never apart

The night before they have to leave again is the toughest…
But it’s ok because you know that distance means so little when someone means so much

Until you see each other again soon!