The Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima

Arkadiusz Podniesinski one of the Polish photographers has decided to travel to Fukushima nuclear disaster in japan in order that he can see himself all the real damages right there. He was allowed to enter about 20 kilometers Exclusion Zone and he was very surprised to see the sight which is very similar to the one scene in a post apocalyptic film. As you can see in the following photos, they are not destroyed by mighty natural disasters like earthquakes or Tsunami that cause disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station but the human. Here are the pictures that show the result of the Nuclear Power station Failure.

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There are some cars ,have entirely disappear in this wild grass


There many abandoned cars because are slowly swallowed up by nature on area of road near the power plant as you saw by photo.


You may see ,Podniesinski shows a radiation reading of 6.7 uSv/h


These televisions are collected dirt and piled up as part of an effort to beautify


A motorcycle chain is absorbed slowly into the field


You all may look at : Cobwebs hang above the scattered products in this abandoned supermarket ,as like photo below.


Similar photos from another supermarket strange feeling, from the post-apocalyptic movie


Landowners were told that these dirtbags will be disposed of, but many people remain skeptical


Now without patrons at an empty arcade


These bikes were left behind when people fled


Garbage instruments including a piano floor of the classroom

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