Sharm el-Sheikh – Favourite Spot for Scuba Divers

With activities such as water sports, diving, driving with jeeps and riding camels through the desert, the guests will not be bored for sure. Those are only small parts which must have to be complete if you decide to visit Sharm el- sheikh.You will get to a happy life there.


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Sharm el-Sheikh is located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in South Sinai Governorate,A beautiful places, Egypt, on the coastal strip along the Red Sea. Known as major tourist hotspot and resort city in Egypt, this place also is ideal for passionate divers, golf lovers and families who want a carefree vacation. The favorable climate and excellent geographical position allowed this resort to become one of the most beautiful and popular not only in Egypt, but all around the world. The coast Sharm el-sheikh it is composed of three coral bays Nama Bay, Sharks Bay and Nabqa Bay which are protected by state. Gulf Nama Bay is best center in Sharm el-Sheikh where along the promenade is a large number of cafes, restaurants, shops …


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Sonesta Beach Resort


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That makes it to be the point of all events and nightlife. Sharm el-Sheikh is surrounded by Bedouin villages, mountains and desert. Fascinating beaches and enchanting underwater world make it an attractive place for tourists. Abundance of coral reefs is the habitat of countless tropical fish. The small harbor known as Sharm el My is a place where boats are kept and there is a special yacht club. Do not go to the beach without a hat and sun cream with a high UV factor because of the temperatures. In Sharm el-Sheikh the temperature in the autumn months rises through 30 degrees.these , Beautiful places ,Where you have to spend time before you die​.You’ll get to enjoy.



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