Pretty Genuine​ Twin One Black One White

Generally twin sis look absolutely similar as well as the nature and the habits of the twin siblings are method similar but there are few interesting cases where the twins exist absolutely in a different way in regards to their appearances.
This link reveals the pictures of a twin sibling who are totally various in regards to their appearance. The noticeable truth is that they look definitely different in respect of their nature and even the behavior .

The skin tones of these twins are also various and at a look they look definitely dissimilar . Nevertheless one can easily follow the reason of this fact if he or she follows the family pictures . So search for black & white twins immediately.

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Believe it or not, but these girls are twins!
Here they are when they were younger
Lucy has light skin while her sister, Maria, has darker skin

They couldn’t be closer, but they say no one ever believes they’re twins

Lucy studies art and design while Maria studies law and psychology

A family photo with father Vince, mother Donna, and all of their children

Mom with all of her grown-up kids!