Photographer Imagines Her Life With Dozens Of Different Men In ‘Self-Portraits With Men

To know how things might get turned different and probably better to those who love “what if’s”
because it is always interesting. That is, Dita Pepe, Czech photographer, invents this in her 15 yearlong projects seen as “Self-Portraits With Men”. Across project Dita posed as the wife or life partner of dozens involved in different men of all walks on life. She even brought her daughter once and again. Dita emulated aesthetic rounding the men in an effort in order to imagine what life according to them would look like. This project may explore how their appearance is affected by relationship and circumstances involved in socio-economical or otherwise. Note that this is rather than stating that the wife is always molded by her man.
In general, Dita’s photography career was reflected into the project. Even she was born the now-defunct Czechoslovakia, she was likely to leave for Germany with her first husband. To there she became interested in photography based in the form of self-discovery. Backing her home country associated with her second husband, she made time photographing around the asylum they worked. Dita began the “Self-Portraits” project, taking in photographs including various women of their doppelganger. Note that she was awarded her master’s degree for “Self-Portraits with Men” and this project is still going.

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