The twins Sisters Find Each other on YouTube Network

AnaisBordier found her twin sister Samantha Futerman on YouTube network. It is reported by the CNN that Anais was adopted since she was very young. These two girls don’t know the existence of their twin sister for 25 years but they all have to same like hairstyle, love the same nail polish color and hate the boiled carrot. AnaisBordier and grew up in France but she moved to study in London where she saw a YouTube link of a movie trailor “21 and Over”. They started to message each other on Facebook. Samantha is the American actress. When they met, they took DNA test and the result is that they were twins born in Seoul in on November 19th, 1987 but they were adobpted by different parents. Reading more
Source : documentary of their story. By ( Irene Adler )

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