How to Fix Iphone 5 No Service ,Test Ok 100%

Here possible fixes if your iphone 5 is have connecting issues to your mobile network (sim card) such as “no service” or its constantly searching.
If none of these steps work please try them again and it still no go then you may need to have your sim card replaced or it can be a software or hardware issue.
Now you can fix it easy via this step below , Because this step already test it work ok 100% , please check out and watching video , I hope you find this video helpful is so please subscribe, share, like to video . Many thanks!

Still Show NO Service


   Here Place For Repair Or Fix


Please See By Carefully


Fix by replace ( Electrical Resistance ) or Make Jumper


Please Check video show about step for fix it below for clearly

If you need File Fix tinyumbrella Please Download HERE
And Here Video guide