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The list provides some biggest imposters of history and can be liked by the world historians. Among such lots of imposters the popular Victor Lusting has actually been understood to the world as the guy who has sold the Eiffel tower in Paris, France. He was really special and thought about to be among the most talented confidence tricksters who ever lived. He has actually skillfully offered the Eiffel Tower to among the scrap metal dealers and took a train to Vienna with the suitcase full of cash . The purchaser was too humiliated to complain to the authorities in the close-by location. So take a look at rockefeller imposter you always wanted.

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Victor Lustig: the Man who sold the Eiffel TowerRead about at : en.wikipedia.org

Frank Abagnale: catch me if you can
More details: en.wikipedia.org
Charles Ponzi: created the Ponzi Scheme

American history, Charles Ponzi created the famous

Christopher Rocancourt: the french “Rockefeller”Christopher Rocancourt


Gregor MacGregor: drew investors to “Poyais”, a fictional country

Gregor MacGregor

Cassie Chadwick: Andrew Carnegie’s “illegitimate daughter”

Ferdinand Demara: improvised successful surgeries as a fake surgeon

Ferdinand Demara

David Hampton: Six Degrees of Separation from Sidney PoitierDavid Hampton

Mary Baker: Princess Caraboo from the island of Javasu


Milli Vanilli: the pop duo that tricked the world Milli Vanilli