Extremely Genuine Meaning of Zeugma

Just recently a group of archeologists found fascinating samples of ancient mosaics in Zeugma, a Turkish city. Excavation of the site was expedited when it was discovered that the city would be flooded by the building and construction of a dam close by.

The team of archeologists under the leadership of Professor Kutalmış Gorkay of Ankara University has discovered numerous colorful mosaics of the Greek, Roman and the Persian duration that include numerous ancient characters and gods. This page displays images of these mosaics that reveal the creativity and taste of individuals living there. Scroll down the page for information.So take a look at greek and roman mosaics now.

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These stunning 2000-year-old mosaics were uncovered by archaeologists in the Turkish city of Zeugma
Rich mosaics like these decorated people’s homes with characters from ancient Greek mythology
“They were a product of the patron’s imagination. It wasn’t like simply choosing from a catalog,” Professor Kutalmış Görkay told Archaeology.org

“They thought of specific scenes in order to make a specific impression. For example, if you were of the intellectual level to discuss literature, then you might select a scene like the three muses”

The archaeological community was inspired to excavate when they heard that the city was being flooded by a nearby dam

Here is the mosaic pictured above after being saved and restored

The Greeks named the city “Seleucia” when they founded it in the 3rd century BC
The Roman empire conquered the city in 64 BC, renaming it to Zeugma (meaning “bridge” or “crossing” in ancient Greek)
The Romans held the city until 253 AD, when Persian Sassanids took the city

Pictured here are Oceanus and Tethys, Ancient Greek and Roman ocean deities

Pictured here is Poseidon, the god of the sea, on his war chariot

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