Amazing unique grandma make up

Livia, the eighty years of ages grandmother asked her granddaughter to give her some make without any concept of the result other than to see how she looks with makeup at this age. However she has turned out to be an internet sensation .

This was possible due to her granddaughter, Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego who showed that a person can get rid of twenty years with prudent makeup. Besides showing her makeup skills these photos have likewise ended up being symbolic of granny and granddaughters loving bond.

Livia and Flego have revealed that there is nothing called being too old.So start searching for makeup for old ladies now.
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Instagram | Facebook (h/t: Cosmopolitan) Via: Boredpanda
“She wanted something fresh”

So her granddaughter tried her contouring skills

“I love my granny Livia,” says Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego

“Being in a nursing home and getting reactions from all over the world, means a lot to her”

Now “Glam-Ma enjoys her popularity”

In return, the grandma helps her granddaughter find some new followers