Amazing easy images of refugees

Swedish photojournalist Magnus Wennman has actually just recently published a series of pictures revealing the deplorable condition of the Syrian Kid refugees. The job was called “Where the Children Sleep” and to create this for the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, he has travelled through the war trodden area. While the reason of such war may be tough to understand , it is plain and basic that the kids are becoming regrettable victims. This page highlights a collection of his images revealing the awful condition of the children . You will not have the ability to hold tears seeing where they are sleeping.

More info: Instagram (h/t: aftonbladet, cnn)‚Äč Via boredpanda

Lamar, 5 years old, Horgos, Serbia
Abdullah, 5 years old, Belgrad, Serbia

Ahmed, 6 years old, Horgos, Serbia

Maram, 8 years old, Amman

Ralia, 7 and Rahaf, 13 years old, Beirut

Moyad, 5 years old, Amman

Walaa, 5 years old, Dar-El-Ias

Ahmad, 7 years old, Horgos/Roszke

Shiraz, 9 years old, Suruc

Shehd, 7 years old