Amazing awesome small watercolor tattoo

Typically , many tattooists start with making a light black summary on the skin, whereas at Aro Tattoo, the Korean tattoo parlour, which utilizes tattooist silo, the treatment is various. Silo’s method includes applying soft colors sans black details creating a facade of water color painting. Silo informs ,” I use either water mark or light ink combined with water, drawing initially an extremely rough sketch without complexities.” “When individuals explain why they want a specific picture , I turn their tales into designs, putting my heart into their tattoos.” A tattoo of flowers on the foot of a lady indicates you want her a happy life, while tattoos on thighs and chest imply various stories in Korea.
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So have a look at tattoos without black outline
today. If you’re looking for small flowers tattoos
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“There were times when it was illegal, so I went to Australia and Thailand to learn about tattoo art”

“Once back I wanted to learn more by myself”

“I think that learning never actually stops and even now, 10 ears after, I still learn something new every day”

“Most challenging part about being a tattooist is the battle with myself”

“I wasn’t born an artist, I became one”

“It’s 1% talent and 99% work”

“If I ever get lazy, my life as a tattooist is over”

“But for now, I turn peoples’ stories into designs and put my heart into their tattoos”

“The flower tattoo on feet symbolises something new and fresh here, in Korea” Silo told Bored Panda

“This girl had a rough life, so I designed these flowers wishing her new and happy start”

“Tattoo culture is a little different in Korea”