Quite Cool Day and Night photo

Professional photographer Stephen Wilkes is well-known for his job “day to Night’ that records minutes from dawn to dusk . He shoots lots of images from a fixed angle of focusing and covers the change of light from day to night.

This amounts to about 1500 images and he mixes this flawlessly in one single image to develop a stunning image that portrays the journey with time. This page shares a series of awesome productions that includes images of Serengeti National forest, Tanzania, Eiffel Tower, Paris, Pudong, and Shanghai etc .

Check out the page to enjoy the photos .So take a look at night and day pictures you always wanted.
If you are trying to check for day night photography, you have actually come on the right website.

More info boredpanda.com by​ Stephen Wilkes

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Flatiron, New York
Sacre Coeur, Paris
Tel Aviv, Israel
Eiffel Tower, Paris

NYC Public Library

Central Park Snow, New York
Presidential Inauguration 2013
America’s Cup SF
Trafalgar Square, London

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Central Park View from Essex House, New York

Washington Square, NYC

Millennium Park, Chicago

Gramercy Park, NYC

Pudong, Shanghai

Rockefeller Center, NYC

Times Square, New Years Eve
Coney Island

Park Avenue, NYC